The Unspeakable Loss
The Unspeakable Loss
The Unspeakable Loss
The Unspeakable Loss

The Unspeakable Loss

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For those who have ever lost a child, this one's for you. Written by grief counselor and psychotherapist, Nisha Zenoff, The Unspeakable Loss offers support and guidance from her own journey and others who have experienced the death of a child. Break out the tissues and chocolate bar, this sympathy gift offers healing and support throughout an unimaginable circumstance.


Cold Brew Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar | Coco Chocolatier - An uplifting combination of dark chocolate and roasted coffee creates a delicious blend. 80 g.

Down Time Roll-on blade + bloom - Essential oil blend promotes relaxation and tranquility.

The Unspeakable LossNisha ZenoffA licensed psychotherapist and grief counselor (who herself has lost a child) offers practical inspiration to help parents and others cope and heal after a child has died.

Therapy Dough - Chill | Pinch Me Therapy Dough - A pliable putty infused with calming aromatherapy to enhance mood and relieve stress and anxiety. 3 oz.

Tissue Holder - For those moments when life blows. 100% cotton, includes tissues.

You've Got This Pin | Old English Company - A simple & stylish enamel pin serves as a constant reminder.

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