About Good Grief

Good Grief is an online gifting platform that sells curated care packages for life's twists and turns - loss of a loved one, cancer, mental health, miscarriage and beyond.

Filled with equal parts heart and humor, each Good Grief box contains a selection of practical tools for healing and self-care and is packed to perfection with a handwritten card.


We founded Good Grief with the mission to help people reach out and support anyone experiencing grief, illness or any other challenging life transition.


Good Grief aspires to be a vehicle for meaningful dialogue and connection, contributing to a fundamental shift in how we, as a society, deal with trauma and adversity.

We Value

Pay it Forward

Not trying to toot our own horn, but giving back is one of our strong suits - that’s why we started a gifting business! At Good Grief, we prioritize purpose as much as profit by supporting causes we believe in and to impact the world in a positive way.

Each quarter we choose a new non-profit organization to partner with and give 5% of our revenue to support their mission to do good shit.