Sympathy gift for loss widow
The Hot Young Widows Club
The Hot Young Widows Club

The Hot Young Widows Club

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The Hot Young Widows Club is the perfect sympathy gift for those trying to navigate the hardships of losing a significant other. Written from a hot young widow herself, Nora McInerny's book contains lessons on survival from the front lines of grief, while a curated selection of healing and self-care products will help that someone in need do their best when they're faced with the worst.


Down Time Roll-on blade + bloom - Essential oil blend promotes relaxation and tranquility.

Honey Sheet Mask | LAPCOSRestores skin’s elasticity, leaving your complexion feeling velvety soft. 1 mask.

Self Care Bath Soak | Wicked Soaps Co. - A soothing soak to help reduce depression, open nasal passageways, and ease sinus pressure and migraines. 8 oz.

Sweet Dreams Darling Mist | Happy SpritzLavender and chamomile essential oil spray promotes relaxation + restful sleep. 1 oz.

The Hot Young Widows Club | Nora McInernyLessons on survival from the front lines of grief.

Tissue Holder - For those moments when life blows. 100% cotton, includes tissues.

You Can Pin | Old English CompanyA simple & stylish enamel pin serves as a constant reminder.