Good Grief Sick Day Curated
Good Grief Sick Day Curated
Good Grief Sick Day Curated

Sick Day

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Send a big ol' hug wrapped in a care package for your friend fighting off a nasty cold from the depths of their duvet! This get-well-soon care package has all the fixings for a day of TLC – think soothing tea, sweet honey, and dunk-worthy cookies. It's the ultimate recipe for shaking off those sniffles and getting back to feeling like a champ. Just add a cozy blanket and some Netflix, and they'll be waving bye bye to those sniffles in no time.


Bye Bye Sniffles Bath Soak | Detox BabeReplenish your electrolytes, clear your sinuses, and fight the sniffles with this potent immune-boosting formula. 8 oz.

Sick Day | Aesthete TeaAn herbal blend to help eliminate the common cold. 2 oz.

Porter Mug - Cream | W&P - Crafted from durable ceramic with a matte silicone wrap and BPA-free press-fit lid in cream. 16 oz.

Tissue Holder - For those moments when life blows. 100% cotton, includes tissues.

Vanilla Butter Crunchies | Milk Bar - Buttery, vanilla-flavored cookies team up with crispy rice cereal for one perfect crunch any time of day. 4.5 oz.

Whipped Honey | TruBee - Tennessee honey whipped to a spreadable texture. 5 oz.