Get well soon care package with cookies and tea
Get well soon gift with food
Sick Day

Sick Day

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Send a little TLC with this get well soon care package for that friend who is tucked in bed with a nasty cold. With all the ingredients for a duvet day, they can steep some tea, add some honey, dunk some cookies and voilà - they'll be on their way to feeling better.  It's the perfect brew for feeling brand new!


Beeswax Salve | TruBee - All purpose salve that moisturizes and protects delicate skin.

Ginger Snap Cookies | Partake -Vegan, allergy-friendly non-GMO cookies full of ginger, spice and everything nice.

Sick Day | Aesthete TeaAn herbal blend to help eliminate the common cold. 2 oz.

Wildflower Honey | TruBee -Tennessee raw honey from free-range bees. 5 oz.