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Pain is a Pain

Pain is a Pain

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What's more of a pain than your needy ex that won't stop calling? Well, chronic pain of course! This wellness care package has all the tools to relieve aches and pains - a hot/cold body wrap, Sore Muscle Salve, Soothe pain relief patches and some encouragement socks to remind them they've got this.


Hot/Cold Shoulder WrapThe Smart SeedHandmade flaxseed shoulder wrap that can be used hot or cold to help soothe life's aches and pains.

Soothe Wellness PatchThe Good PatchPlant-based all natural patch providing pain relief over 8-12 hours. 4 patches.

Sore Muscle Salve Fat and The MoonEmploys the relaxing properties of tobacco and warming properties of cayenne to warm and relieve sore muscles. 2 fl oz.

You Got This SocksPeople I've LovedKnit ankle socks for when you need a little motivation. One size fits most.