Miscarriage care package
What so send someone who had a miscarriage
I Had a Miscarriage

I Had a Miscarriage

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Let them know they are not alone by sending this miscarriage gift featuring a memoir by Dr. Jessica Zucker, founder of the #ihadamiscarriage movement. The tissues are a must-have for the cathartic cry-fest they're about to embark on, but the bath soak, sheet mask and eye gels will help soothe the senses and revive their tired skin and puffy eyes, giving them a much-needed dose of self-care.


Collagen Sheet Mask | LAPCOS - Peptides refresh and revive tired, dull skin for a smooth and youthful-looking complexion. 1 mask.

I Had a Miscarriage: A Memoir, A Movement | Jessica Zucker - Striking memoir meets manifesto, Jessica Zucker is on a mission to upend the strident trifecta of silence, shame, and stigma that surrounds reproductive loss.

Illuminating Eye Gels | Patchology - Illuminating eye gels are packed with Vitamin C with Green Tea Extract to lighten the appearance of dark circles and give an instant glow. 1 pair.

Soothe Bath Soak | Wicked Soaps Co. - A soothing soak to help reduce depression, open nasal passageways, and ease sinus pressure and migraines. 8 oz.

Tissue Holder - For those moments when life blows. 100% cotton, includes tissues.

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