Good Grief Heart Talk Curated
Good Grief Heart Talk Curated
Good Grief Heart Talk Curated

Heart Talk

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Heartbreak is a fact of life, but it still doesn't make it any easier (even if their ex was a douchebag). Help someone get their groove back and embrace their best single life with this breakup care package. Step into the cozy socks, put on a sheet mask and lip salve and get lost in Cleo Wade's Heart Talk, poetic wisdom for a better life. One day they'll forget their ex's name, but they'll remember this breakup gift forever. 


*Cloud Socks - Matcha  | Le Bon Shoppe - Soft & cozy matcha terry socks for night and day. One size fits most.

Heart Talk | Cleo Wade - Poetic wisdom for a better life.

Lip Salve | Fat and The MoonMango butter, sunflower oil and beeswax provide lip protecting power. 0.5 fl oz. 

Red Wine Sheet Mask | LAPCOSTightens and firms sagging skin for a smooth, firm complexion. 1 mask.

Please note: the matcha socks are out of stock and will be replaced with the charcoal socks from the same supplier.