Good Grief Grief is Love Curated
Good Grief Grief is Love Curated
Good Grief Grief is Love Curated

Grief is Love

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Someone once said, "Grief is just love with no place to go” and they couldn't have been more accurate. This care package is the ultimate survival kit for living with loss and contains Grief is Love, a read that shows us that if we are able to own and honor what we've lost, we can experience a beautiful and joyful life in the midst of grief. With this bundle by their side, they'll tackle grief with sass, snacks, and a seriously good read.


Cinnamon Sugar Chocolate Covered Pretzels | Fatty Sundays - Milk chocolate and cinnamon sugar make for the perfect sweet treat.

Grief is Love: Living With Loss | Marisa Renee Leewisdom about what it means to authentically and defiantly claim space for grief's complicated feelings and emotions.

Honey Sheet Mask | LAPCOS - Restores skin’s elasticity, leaving your complexion feeling velvety soft. 1 mask.

Weighted Sleep Mask - Teal | Nodpod - Instantly relaxes body and mind while promoting deep restful sleep.