Balanced Bites Meal Delivery Gift Card

Balanced Bites Meal Delivery Gift Card

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When the miles that separate are too great for you to just pop by with your famous tater tot casserole, give the next best thing - a Balanced Bites Meals gift card. Whether your person has just lost someone near and dear to them, is recovering from birth, trialing a new diet to alleviate symptoms of their chronic illness or perhaps navigating a shoestring budget after a recent loss in employment, these ready-made meals give them a (delicious) evening off from cooking.

Created by Diane SanFillipo, each frozen meal features healthy, wholesome ingredients and can accommodate a variety of special diets from paleo to keto and everything in between

With increments beginning at $50 and up to $200, you can show some support from afar. A $169.90 gift card will cover a complete box of 10 meals.

Any add-ons purchased will be sent in the care package as a gift certificate.