Good Grief
Good Grief
Good Grief

#1 Mother

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Cheer on a #1 Mother with this new mom gift that provides sweet, sweet healing. The Postpartum Restorative Tonic, a divinely tart and sweet syrup combining nutrient dense, iron-building herbs with restorative adaptogens is the star of the show. A sheet mask and beeswax salve keeps skin lusciously hydrated for when there's a few short moments to carve out self-care time throughout the day. And despite all the mom-guilt and lack of confidence, the enamel pin serves as a reminder that no matter how they feel, they'll always be #1 to their little bundle of joy.


*Beeswax SalveTrubeeAll purpose salve that moisturizes and protects delicate skin.

Honey Sheet Mask | LAPCOSRestores skin’s elasticity, leaving your complexion feeling velvety soft. 1 mask.

Number 1 Mother PinOld English Company - A simple & stylish enamel pin serves as a constant reminder.

Postpartum Tonic | Milk MoonDesigned to support the body in maintaining a state of health and vitality after pregnancy. 16 oz.

Please note: the salve is out of stock and will be replaced with the Hibiscus Rose lip tint