Hearts Connected 1:1 Support Session for Parent(s) with Grieving Children Add-on

1:1 Support Session for Parent(s) with Grieving Children

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How do I support my child? How do I tell them what happened? A child's grief experience is very complex and differs dependent on developmental level, age, and relationship to the person who died. Parents often need support with knowing what their child is able to understand about death and dying, what to expect from their child as they grieve, and how to support their children through the acute phase of grief and as they grow.

This is a 45 minute phone session for parents to speak with a mental health provider from Hearts Connected, an organization connecting children and families to child life support services nationwide. All practitioners have extensive experience and expertise supporting children 0-21 with grief and loss.

Every session is tailored to the individual needs of the child and parent. A phone session may involve educating a parent about children's grief responses and red flags to be aware of, ways to assess and support their child's grief, supporting a parent emotionally with the daunting task of parenting while grieving themselves, or finding the language to tell their child about the death that happened.

Parents will also be provided access to a private Facebook group including support, resources, research, and education for parents surrounding children's grief.

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