Infertility gift with book, socks, essential oil roll-on, towelettes and candle.
Care package ideas for infertility


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Let someone know they are not alone in this hellish infertility journey by sending them this infertility care package. Infreakinfertility is an honest (and sometimes humorous) book about the long, hard road of trying to get pregnant by someone who has been there. Light a candle and get cozy because these infertility gifts are just what the doctor (you) ordered.


Breathe Deeply Towelettes | Happy Spritz - Organic peppermint + eucalyptus essential oil towelettes made using 100% biodegradable and sustainable plant fibers.

Good Vibes Roll-on | blade + bloom - Essential oil blend promotes strength and balance.

Infreakinfertility | Melanie Dale - A lighthearted book on how to survive when getting pregnant gets hard.

One Foot At A Time Socks | People I've Loved - Knit ankle socks for when you need a little motivation. One size fits most.

Ray Of Sunshine Candle | Lit Candle Supply - Citrus + Orange + Lemon scented with 50+ hour burn time. Vegan and non-toxic.