Good Grief OK That You&
Good Grief OK That You&
Good Grief OK That You&

OK That You're Not OK

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Sometimes it's hard to know what to say or do when someone loses a loved one, but this sympathy gift is a good start to reach out and offer your support. It's OK That You're Not OK is a book intended to find a new way to deal with loss that honors our experience without trying to "solve" grief. From the melatonin-infused sleepy chocolate, to the cozy socks to the resilience tincture, this gift for loss helps them drift off to sleep when sleeping feels near impossible. 


Cloud Socks - Grey Le Bon Shoppe -Soft cozy grey terry socks for night and day. One size fits most.

Down Time Roll-on blade + bloom - An essential oil blend promotes relaxation and tranquility.

It's OK That You're Not OK | Megan Devine - A book on navigating grief and loss by learning to live inside of it.

Restoring Night Eye Gels | Patchology - Retinol and Peptides reduce fine lines and dark circles in 5 minutes. 1 pair.

Sleepy Chocolate The Functional Chocolate Company - blueberry lavender flavor chocolate with magnesium and melatonin helps you sleep more soundly with no lingering effects.

Resilience Tincture | Heilbron - an herbal offering to support your ability to be in this moment and feel able to look forward with hope.

Tissue Holder - For those moments when life blows. 100% cotton, includes tissues.