Good Grief How To Live
Good Grief How To Live Curated
Good Grief How To Live Curated

How To Live When a Loved One Dies

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Offering relief in the immediate aftermath of intense grief, this loss care package centers around the work of Zen teacher Thich Nahn Hahn to guide readers through the powerful storm of emotions following the death of a loved one. Accompanied by a journal to help make sense of it all, a sleep mask for deep rest, a restorative bath bomb, magnesium cream for relaxing and therapy dough for pinching, this gift of healing and self-care provides a wonderful sympathy gift for anyone weathering the storm of loss.


Bath Bomb - Restore | KleiSoak away your stress and tension and emerge feeling refreshed, revived, and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Grief Workbook Promptly Journals - An emotional outlet to help process honest feelings surrounding grief.

How to Live When a Loved One Dies | Thich Nhat Hanh - a comforting book that offers healing words of wisdom to anyone moving through grief and loss.

Magnesium Cream | Wicked Soaps Co. - A nourishing cream that promotes rest and tranquility and eases sore muscles. 6 oz.

Therapy Dough - Zen | Pinch Me Therapy Dough - A pliable putty infused with calming aromatherapy to enhance mood and relieve stress and anxiety. 3 oz.

*Weighted Sleep Mask - Wisteria | Nodpod - Instantly relaxes body and mind while promoting deep restful sleep.

*Please note: the wisteria weighted sleep mask is out of stock, and will be replaced with the blush one