Good Grief Resting Bed Face Curated
Good Grief Resting Bed Face Curated
Good Grief Resting Bed Face Curated

Resting Bed Face

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Whether your friend is recovering from an injury or just in need of some serious R&R, the Resting Bed Face care package is as comforting as a warm hug. From sweet treats to snug socks, they'll appreciate this thoughtful gesture more than the time you talked their way out of a speeding ticket. 55 in a 35 - they owe you one!


All Cream | Fat and The Moon - This cream is truly an 'all' cream - Super thick and luxurious, a little goes a loooong way to protect and hydrate face and body. 2 oz.

Anti Bad Vibe Shield Bath SoakWild Yonder Botanicals - Pop open this pouch of hand-blended sea salts into a hot bath and get rid of those bad vibes. 2.5 oz.

Breathe Deeply Towelettes | Happy Spritz Organic peppermint + eucalyptus essential oil towelette made using 100% biodegradable and sustainable plant fibers. 3 towelettes.

*Cloud Socks - Cactus Flower  | Le Bon Shoppe - Soft & cozy terry socks for night and day. One size fits most.

Pretzel-y Chocolate Chip Crunchies | Milk Bar - An ode to a chocolate chip cookie with salty-sweet energy, fueled by ground pretzels and crispy rice cereal. 4.5 oz.

Tired Moodibar - Dark Chocolate Espresso | Astor Chocolate Company - Take emotional eating to a whole new level with this 'Tired' chocolate bar.

*Please note: we are out of stock of the cactus flower socks, so this will be replaced with the same socks in charcoal.