Good Grief Sitting with Sadness Curated
Good Grief Sitting with Sadness Curated
Good Grief Sitting with Sadness Curated

Sitting with Sadness

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Oftentimes after the flowers have wilted, the food has been eaten and the calls are fewer, there's nothing left but sadness. This care package is the perfect gift for remembering, loving, and holding close someone who is no longer with us. Cue the hygge vibes with some tranquil mist, cozy socks and a sweet treat as you delve into grief's messier thoughts and feelings with the card deck and journal. 


Cloud Socks - Sepia Le Bon Shoppe - Soft & cozy Sepia terry socks for night and day. One size fits most.

Remembrance Journal | Promptly - specifically made to serve as a tool for helping process the loss of a loved one and keep detailed memories of them alive. 

Salted Caramel Chocolate Covered Pretzels | Fatty Sundays - Dark chocolate and salted caramel make for the perfect sweet treat.

Sitting With Sadness Deck | People I've Lovedcontains 45 prompts and 7 wishes to navigate hard days and sleepless nights—when you worry about forgetting but remembering hurts too much.

Tranquil Aromatherapy Mist | Wicked Soaps - crystal infused and formulated with a calming essential oil blend to relieve stress and anxiety and promote slumber.