Good Grief Paws & Reflect (Pet Loss) Curated
Good Grief Paws & Reflect (Pet Loss) Curated
Good Grief Pet Love & Loss

Paws & Reflect (Pet Loss)

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For those whose hearts are adorned with paw prints and memories of furry sidekicks, we get it – saying goodbye to a four-legged friend is like trying to teach a cat to fetch. The Paws & Reflect care package is a heartfelt hug, featuring a bath bomb, a sweet treat, a consoling book, a contemplative journal, and a tranquil mist. Let it be a thoughtful encore for their furry friend, a reminder that while paw prints may be gone, the memories echo in their hearts. 


Bath Bomb - Restore Klei - Soak away your stress and tension and emerge feeling refreshed, revived, and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Covered Pretzels | Fatty Sundays - Dark chocolate and salted caramel make for the perfect sweet treat.

The Book of Pet Love & Loss | Sara Bader - words of comfort and wisdom every animal lover needs on their journey of loss, heartbreak and healing.

Think Journal | Promptly Journals - Hardbound notebook in a linen cover with ruled lined pages.

Tranquil Aromatherapy Mist | Wicked Soaps - crystal infused and formulated with a calming essential oil blend to relieve stress and anxiety and promote slumber.