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Making Love To A Plastic Cup

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Where the men at?! It's not only women who need fertility support, and this is the perfect infertility gift for the man who's also aboard the struggle bus. This book is a guy's guide to the world of infertility and comes with some choco-toffee covered pretzels to snack on while they read, as well as some sanitizing wipes to clean up after the, ah-hem, mess.


All Good Things TowelettesHappy SpritzPurifying hand sanitizing towelettes made using biodegradable and sustainable plant fibers. Unscented.

Toffee Pretzels | Fatty Sundays - Milk chocolate and toffee make for the perfect sweet treat.

How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup | Greg Wolfe - A laugh out loud guy's guide to the world of infertility.