Suicide Resources for Everyone

Resources for those who Struggle with Suicidal Ideation or are Supporting Someone Who Does

If you know someone who struggles with their mental health or perhaps supporting somone who is prone to suicidal ideation, here a few resources that might help:
  • Claire has a Secret podcast episode from Terrible, Thanks for Asking on what it is like living with suicidal ideation from a young age but choosing to live over and over again.
  • Rethink Mental Illness provides an easy-to-digest website with the in/outs of suicide, warning signs and what to do/not to do to support someone.
  • While Mental Health America shares prompts and tips for how to confide in someone if you, yourself are struggling with suicidal ideation. 
  • Life Kit podcast episode How to Help a Child at Risk of Suicide delves into stories of parents who have been there and what they did to support their child. 
  • Talk Away the Dark has a #realconvoguide to help you navigate tough conversations if someone confides in you that they are struggling with suicidal ideation. 

View this video from Talk Away the Dark to help you navigate conversations around suicide.

Resources for those who have lost someone by suicide:

  • For a nominal monthly fee, the Untangle Grief app connects grievers to a loss community based on who they lost (parent, child, friend, sibling, partner, etc.) and how they died, including death by suicide. In addition to the community support, users have access to a coping section full of recorded content. 
  • Alliance for Hope has a myriad of support resrouces for suicide loss survivors including a Letter to the Newly Bereaved. 
  • Suicide&Co is an amazing (UK-based) website for those bereaved by suicide. Chockfull of content, we love their Words Unspoken section featuring letters to loved ones with the ability to submit your own.

Check out one of the letters from the Words Unspoken collection on the Suicide&Co website:

words unspoken suicide and co