Comforting Gestures through Grief’s Journey

Grief is a complex journey, often marked by its unpredictable waves and phases. When a loved one dies, the initial outpouring of condolences and support from friends and family can be overwhelming (hello flowers, sympathy cards, hot dishes and Good Grief packages). However, as time goes by, it can be isolating and lonely as the bereaved carries on with everyday life while also navigating their grief. It's during this phase that the significance of ongoing support becomes even more crucial. In honor of National Grief Awareness Day today, let's explore two simple yet powerful things you can do to support someone who is grieving, even after some time has passed since their loved one’s death. 

  1. Be a consistent source of support
In the aftermath of a loss, the world can feel like a lonely place. One of the most comforting things you can do is to remind the grieving person that you're there for them, no matter the hour or the circumstances. Let them know that you're willing to listen without judgment or expectations. By extending an open invitation to share their thoughts and feelings, you create a safe space for them to process their emotions.
This simple gesture conveys empathy, compassion, and a willingness to stand by their side, even when the initial wave of support has faded away. Keep in mind that everyone grieves differently, and some may take longer to express their feelings or seek support. By assuring them that your support is unwavering, you offer a lifeline that they can hold onto during their healing journey.


  1. Keep the memory of their loved one alive
As time passes, many people become hesitant to bring up memories of the departed loved one, fearing it might reignite the pain. However, sharing fond memories can actually provide a source of comfort. When you say, "I remember when...," you're acknowledging the significance of the person who passed away and the impact they had on your lives.
Sharing stories and anecdotes can lead to laughter, tears, and moments of shared reflection. These moments not only celebrate the life of the departed, but also help the grieving person realize that their loved one's memory lives on in the hearts of others. By sharing your memories, you create an environment where the person is not alone in cherishing the past.


National Grief Awareness Day serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of supporting those who are grieving. Grief doesn't adhere to a strict timeline; it ebbs and flows in its own rhythm. By telling someone, "I'm here, whenever you need to talk," and sharing memories with them, you offer genuine support that acknowledges their pain, while also fostering an environment of healing.

Remember, your role is not to "fix" their grief but to stand beside them as they navigate their emotions. These simple words can make a profound difference in their journey toward acceptance and healing. So, reach out, listen, and share—it's in these small gestures that the power of empathy truly shines, especially on this National Grief Awareness Day. Want some specific templates for what to say? Head on over to our Instagram account for how to support someone.