Care package for chronic headaches
Care package for migraines or headaches
Home Is Where The Headache Is Not

Home Is Where The Headache Is Not

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Headaches are hell. Make someone's life a little less hellish with the Home Is Where The Headache Is Not care package. A water bottle to keep them hydrated, essential oil roll-on infused with peppermint to soothe the pain, earplugs to drown out the noise and a Nodpod to drift away make this the perfect gift to help ease headaches and migraines.


Down Time Roll-on blade + bloom - Essential oil blend promotes relaxation and tranquility.

Some Space EarplugsPeople I've LovedEarplugs for those times you just need some space. 1 set.

Water Bottle - Charcoal | W&P - Constructed from durable, lightweight glass with a protective silicone sleeve & twist-off cap in charcoal. 20 oz. 

Weighted Sleep Mask - Black | NodpodInstantly relaxes body and mind while promoting deep restful sleep.

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