Understanding Anxiety Course

Understanding Anxiety Course

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Know someone who is feeling anxious AF? Help them break the vicious cycle of anxiety as they master not just surviving, but thriving despite their anxiety. 

This self-paced course will guide recipients through the following modules: 

The Fundamentals of Anxiety: including what anxiety is (and isn't!), the types and symptoms of anxiety, the differences between stress and anxiety, and all about panic attacks.

How to Deal with Anxiety: including the tips and tricks to break the anxiety cycle, coping skills, and what mindfulness is and how to practice it.

Advanced Tips: including additional resources to manage your anxiety, how to seek professional help, and how to help a family member or friend with their own anxiety. 

Here's what people are saying:

"I enjoyed the anxiety course. I didn't realize some of the things I struggle with could be linked to anxiety..."

"Mental health can be a scary thing to confront, but this is comfortable, easy, and very helpful. It not only educated me, but gave me the tools I need to move forward in the best way for me."

"I love that this course had easy to follow material...This is a great resource for anyone, even if you don't have a ton of symptoms of anxiety."