Good Grief Things I&
Good Grief Things I&
Good Grief Things I&

Things I've Learned About Loss

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What does a sucker-punch to the gut, an elephant sitting on your chest and a void to infinity and beyond all have in common? No, they're not all from Toy Story. They are all things I learned about loss. Everyone grieves differently, and you'll probably learn a thing or two as well. The Things I Learned About Loss book is a good place to start, and the Zen therapy dough, Calm chocolate bar and Zen AF shower steamers offer a comforting shoulder to process grief and loss.


Calm Moodibar - Sea Salt Dark Chocolate | Astor Chocolate Company - Take emotional eating to a whole new level with this 'Calm' chocolate bar.

Therapy Dough - Zen | Pinch Me Therapy Dough - A pliable putty infused with calming aromatherapy to enhance mood and relieve stress and anxiety. 3 oz.

Things I've Learned About Loss | Dana Shieldsa heartfelt book of wisdom acts as a beacon of hope to help readers aching to find a new normal.

Zen AF Shower Steamers | Chez Gagne - Set of 8 Lavender + Rosemary aromatherapy shower steamers made with essential oils. No Phthalates, No Parabens, No Sulfates.