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Productive AF

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Goodbye procrastination, hello productivity! Send someone the Productive AF job loss care package so they can get back on the grind and get shit done. A to-do list to keep them organized, placebos to keep the uncertainty away, a candle to burn while they work and a face mask to relax after a busy day is just what they need to get their mojo back.


Charcoal Sheet Mask | LAPCOSDraws out impurities and minimizes the appearance of pores to purify and brighten skin. 1 mask.

I Got This Notepad | People I've LovedSheet notepad with magnetic back to help get stuff done.

Productive AF Candle | Lit Candle SupplyRose + Sandalwood + Oakmoss + Amber scented with 50+ hour burn time. Vegan and non-toxic.

Relief From Uncertainty | Placebos MintsMints that provide relief from uncertainty.