Good Grief Perk Up Buttercup Curated
Good Grief Perk Up Buttercup Curated
Good Grief Perk Up Buttercup Curated

Perk Up Buttercup

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Don't let fatigue stand in the way of a good day! This energy care package is all that's needed to jumpstart motivation and get that mojo back. Perfect for those who want a mid-day boost, the B12 Awake Patches provide sustained energy without the crash, while the green-tea infused Perk Up eye patches depuff and brighten the eyes - goodbye dark circles! The essential oil roll-on and Relief from Procrastination Placebos tie this all together to make it a saving grace when exhaustion comes knocking.


B12 Awake Wellness PatchThe Good PatchPlant-based all natural patch providing sustained energy over 8-12 hours. 4 patches.

Glow Getter Roll-on | blade + bloom - Essential oil blend promotes energy and empowerment.

Perk Up Eye GelsPatchologyTea-infused aromatherapy eye gels will brighten under eyes and repair your mood in 10 minutes. 5 pairs.

Relief from Procrastination | Placebos Mints - Mints that provide relief from procrastination.