Gift for job loss
Care package for losing job
care package for job loss
No Such Thing As Failure

No Such Thing As Failure

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When they say 'hustle', we say 'fuck it'. Perfect for those who are taking a sabbatical from the corporate world, the No Such Thing as Failure care package will keep your jobless friend funemployed. Something to write in, something to keep shit together and something to munch on - this is the job loss gift of dreams.


Ginger Snap Cookies | Partake - Vegan, allergy-friendly non-GMO cookies full of ginger, spice and everything nice.

Hustle Zip Pouch | Em & FriendsCanvas zip pouch to keep shit organized. 8.5" x 6.5".

On Failure Journal | Em & FriendsThe perfect place to document thoughts, feelings and thoughts about feelings.

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