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1:1 Grief Coaching Session

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My person died. Now what? 

Losing a loved one can leave someone feeling lost, unmotivated and overwhelmed. It’s hard to know exactly where to start.

Help them navigate this path forward with a 1:1, 45 minute private coaching session with Emily Bingham.

Emily is a grief coach, fitness professional, mother of two, and widow as of March 2019 when her husband passed away from cancer. She's found meaning in my loss by helping others heal. 

Here's what people are saying:

“After my loss it felt hard to relate to others and express my feelings. Emily provides a safe environment to process and work through all the emotions that come from loss and grief with a community that understands. I have never left a counseling session feeling that good!”

“moveTHRU is the safe place that I’ve been looking for ever since I lost my first loved one. It is an environment that is welcoming to all emotions, to all types of people, and to all types of loss experiences. There was no “barrier to entry” or uncomfortable feeling upon joining; instead there was an immediate sense of inclusion and support from the community members. After losing multiple loved ones in my life, it ironically feels “good” to have found others that understand the pain, sadness and anger that reside with the journey of grief.”

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