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Next stop, lactation station - all day, every day. For a new mom struggling through the early weeks of breastfeeding, a mom returning to work after maternity leave or a mom simply stressing over milk supply, this gift will do the trick to support them on this often-difficult journey. Help them sit back and relax with a candle that brings a whole new meaning to the word “productive”, snacks to satiate their unending hunger, a milk-boosting herbal formula that does double duty to calm frazzled nerves and hot/cold breast comfort packs for some sweet relief. May her cups runneth over. 


Breast Comfort Packs | LillemerHot cold, flax-filled comfort packs alleviate pain, clear clogged ducts and maximize milk output.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels | Fatty Sundays - Milk chocolate and cinnamon and sugar make for the perfect sweet treat.

Productive AF Candle | Lit Candle Supply - Rose + Sandalwood + Oakmoss + Amber scented with 50+ hour burn time. Vegan and non-toxic.

The Milky Way | Milk MoonThis double-duty formula combines the milk boosting galactagogues with calming nervines to relax both mama and baby. 2 oz.