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When shit goes sideways, the Functional Adultinite care package brings clarity and direction to a meandering life path. An enamel pin/card has the power to get one's shit together, while the sheet mask, choco-coconut pretzels, therapy dough and Calm Moon Brew give a much-needed boost to help navigate this treacherous road we call life.


Coconut Pretzels | Fatty SundaysMilk chocolate and toasted coconut make for the perfect sweet treat.

Collagen Sheet Mask | LAPCOS - Peptides refresh and revive tired, dull skin for a smooth and youthful looking complexion. 1 mask.

Functional Adultinite Pin | Em & Friends - Card and enamel pin for those who could use some support adulting.

Moon Brew - Calm | Mind Your MannaPear apple cider vinegar mood balancing tonic. 2 oz.

Therapy Dough - Melon | Pinch Me Therapy Dough - A pliable putty infused with calming aromatherapy to enhance mood and relieve stress and anxiety. 3 oz.