Gift for cramps or that time of the month
Care package for cramps or that time of the month

Fierce Aunt Flo

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When Aunt Flo comes knocking, be prepared with this self-care gift. The plant-based Cycle patches provide temporary relief from aches and pains and make period pain a little less painful and being around your friend a little more bearable. A pin to remind them they're fierce and a chocolate bar to satisfy that sweet craving make this the best self-care idea for anyone who suffers from cramps, endometriosis, or just needs a pick me up during that time of the month.


Colombian Milk Chocolate BarCoco ChocolatierPleasant milky tones and caramel notes make for a smooth and well-balanced bar. 80 g.

Cycle Wellness PatchThe Good PatchPlant-based all natural patch providing period pain relief over 8-12 hours. 4 patches.

You're Fierce PinOld English CompanyA simple & stylish enamel pin serves as a constant reminder.