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Catch a Zzz

Catch a Zzz

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Be a good friend and help them catch a Zzz with this sleep self-care gift. The plant-based patches are infused with melatonin and valerian root to promote quality rest, while the sleep sheep socks and sweet dreams mist help set the scene for a blissful night's sleep. Zzzen at last!


Dream Wellness PatchThe Good PatchPlant-based all natural patch promoting quality rest over 8-12 hours. 4 patches.

In Loving Memory of Sleep Socks | Blue QSassy, pretty and a little twisted. Woven with luxurious combed cotton. Fits women's shoe size 5-10.

Sweet Dreams Darling MistHappy SpritzLavender and chamomile essential oil spray promotes relaxation + restful sleep. 1 oz.

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