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But First, Coffee

But First, Coffee

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Some days we jump out of bed ready to take on the world, while other days getting out of bed is a struggle. Help a lethargic friend kickstart the day with their new morning best friend - the But First, Coffee care package. Coffee body scrub, coffee-substitute tea, coffee chocolate, coffee gum - basically all things coffee to start each day the right way.


Coffee + Cardamom ScrubWicked Soaps Co. - A luxurious blend of cane sugar, organic coffee bean, coconut oil and shea butter to exfoliate and nourish skin. 8 oz.

Coffee GumSimply GumNatural chewing gum without artificial sweeteners. Kosher, Vegan, Non GMO. Coffee flavor.

Cold Brew Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar | Coco ChocolatierAn uplifting combination of dark chocolate and roasted coffee creates a delicious blend. 80 g.

Good Morning Beautiful TowelettesHappy SpritzCitrus essential oil towelettes made using 100% biodegradable and sustainable plant fibers.

Witches Brew | Aesthete Tea - A roasted root blend with notes of chocolate, makes for a healthy caffeine-free coffee substitute. 2 oz.