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Moving Forward Program

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Got a friend who's stuck in the cycle of recurring miscarriage and not sure what do to next? Help them say goodbye to fear and indecision as they find their unique path forward with the Moving Forward Program, created by Allison Schaaf, founder of Miscarriage Hope Desk. After navigating five miscarriages herself, Allison created the friendly resource she wished she had during her years-long struggle with infertility.

Over the course of six weeks, she guides participants to hopefulness and clarity through weekly modules focused on: Dealing with grief, Including your spouse, Decision Making, Finding your path, and Getting Help.

Plus it’s chock-full of practical tools, resources and more, including:

  • 12 implementation modules
  • An easy-to-use lab tracker
  • Fertility meal plans
  • At-your-own-pace videos
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • A private community of like-minded women

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